The American Grief Academy®

The American Grief Academy® was acquired by Grief Inc. in 2001 to provide education, resources and support for bereavement care providers worldwide.  AGA's purpose is to provide a foundation of information and knowledge that enables caregivers to reach grieving individuals with knowledge, confidence and a clear understanding of grief.

All of our seminars are competency-based training for both the paraprofessional and professional.  Graduates receive certification from the American Grief Academy.®

Courses range in length from one to four days and include didactic as well as experiential training.  Our faculty members are leaders in the field of Thanatology and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their presentations.

Participants receive practical knowledge and tools that can be used immediately in their settings.  In addition to classroom experiences, they have the opportunity to meet others in the field and develop personal support networks.

Whether your field is funeral service, nursing, social work, counseling, employee assistance or education, the American Grief Academy® can help you help those you serve and insure your continued success.


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