Grief Inc. is the official home of Darcie Sims, Tony Sims, and Alicia Sims Franklin.  Darcie and Alicia are internationally recognized public speakers on the topics of grief and grief support.  Tony is nationally known as a presenter and management consultant.

Founded in 1986, Big A and Company began as a dream with the publication of Alicia's book on sibling grief, Am I Still a Sister?, the first book written by a kid for kids.  In 1990, Darcie's Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna? was published, and the candle of hope continues to burn as brightly as ever.

In July of 2000, Big A and Company became Grief Inc. and the dreams have only grown larger.  Grief Inc. provides seminars, trainings, community seminars, books, tapes, and more than 30 years of experience helping others light the candle of hope.


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