Robert A. (Tony) Sims, Ph.D., is a bereaved parent, sibling and child.  He is a retired military officer, having served in both combat and peacetime operations.  Tony has served in a variety of leadership roles for both public and private corporations, including nursing homes, VA hospitals and public health.  As a co-founder of Big A and Company Publishing, Tony has helped produce books, tapes and other grief materials.  He is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Grief Inc.

He has served as a board member of the American Heart Association, vice president of the Washington State Public Health Association and as a committee member of the World Gathering on Bereavement and a board member of a Rotary International Chapter.  He has served as a chapter leader for The Compassionate Friends, a hospice volunteer and as a Girl Scout leader.  He is a member of Children’s Hospice International, and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Using his expertise in organizational systems and management, Tony has developed programs to help the corporate world accommodate the needs of grieving employees.  He has written policy, created responsive programs, and implemented grief support systems in both government and the private sector organizations.

Known for his direct and “to the point” style, Tony’s training programs provide insight on the effects of grief on the work environment.  He believes each corporate culture is unique and will require a tailored program and implementation system in order to be effective.  Drawing on his extensive experience, education, and professional background, Tony works with both corporate leadership and line managers to develop responsive management strategies.  

His Grief Goes to Work programs are educational, entertaining, and enlightening.  Bring your briefcase, policy manuals, and a sense of humor and be prepared for a workshop like no other!


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