What Color is Dead?  How to Help Grieving Children


Grief isn't just for grown-ups.  Little hearts need mending too!  This program is designed to help you understand how children perceive death, how they respond to loss and how they grieve.  A comprehensive overview of death from a child's view will be given as well as developmental stages of grieving behaviors.  Information on ways to create support systems for bereaved children will be shared as well as extensive program ideas and strategies for helping heal the hurts.



  • How Children Respond to Death and Loss

  • Developmental Stages of Children's Understandings of Death

  • Signs and Symptoms of Stress in Grieving Children

  • Concerns of Surviving Children

  • Sibling Loss, Parental Loss, General Loss

  • Strategies for Positive Grief Resolution

  • Ceremonies for Children

  • Programming for Children

Correspondence Course

To enroll for the correspondence course, click on the enroll button below.  Students must purchase the training package from Grief Inc. and complete the entire program to earn AGA credit.  A $200 enrollment fee is charged in lieu of AGA's regular tuition.  There is no time limit on completion of this course so it can be accomplished at the student's own pace.  It may also be possible for a group of students to complete this course on their own as a study group.  Each student would enroll for the correspondence course and 1 training package would be purchased ($100) for the group.  The training package includes:

  • One (1) study guide

  • Two (2) videos, What Color is Dead? and What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?

  • One (1) book program, Am I Still a Sister?

  • One (1) audio program, A Place for Me

  • One (1) color book, How I Feel

  • One (1) utilization guide for each of the audio programs above

All students must complete the study guide questions and submit them to the AGA to earn credit.


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